Yiippi Racing eye pillow with Lavander

Yiippi Racing eye pillow with Lavander



We strive to ensure that you get the relaxation you need for your stressed eyes during your race break in the service zone or at home.


The purest lavender flowers ensure the inimitable scent of the large, wide lavender fields of Provence, mixed with the finest millet and millet husks for a pleasant fit. WHY LAVENDER

Lavender can be used in many ways, such as: for headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, to calm inner restlessness or nervousness, for relaxation and letting go. Whether during yoga, after a long day at work in front of the screen, as a sleep aid - our eye pillows will accompany you through the day.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Place the Yiippi Racing Lavender Eye Pillow over your eyes and you will quickly notice that you can let go and relax better. Unlike a sleeping mask, the Yiippi Racing eye pillow is only placed on for a short time.
For example, for a relaxation break or for falling asleep. The pillow shields the eyes from any light and the relaxing effect of the Lavender  helps you to calm down more quickly come. So about 10 minutes of conscious rest can do more
Relaxation is better than half an hour of deep sleep.

The Yiippi Racing lavender eye pillow also provides relief from headaches,
Migraines, and also cold symptoms.

The lavender eye pillows from Yiippi Racing are lovingly filled and sewn
Handcrafted in Switzerland. The materials are made from environmental and socially responsible cotton or, if desired, linen. The filling consists of lavender and Millet seeds with millet chaff.


Cooling and warming

A slightly cooled eye pillow can work wonders for burning eyes
and red eyes. On the other hand, a slightly warmed eye pillow supports yours
Relaxation if, for example, you have sat in front of the screen for too long and
your eyes are strained as a result.
You should do it appropriately because the eyes are very sensitive organs. A
eye pillow that is too cold or too warm feels uncomfortable and will not
have a positive, regenerating effect.

To cool, you can put the eye pillow in the refrigerator for a few minutes
place. It should feel just slightly cool in your hand afterwards.

Warning: Never put your eye pillow in the freezer. The temperature is much more difficult to regulate and Ingredients can be damaged and therefore lose their effectiveness.
To warm

To warm you can place the eye pillow on the heater or on a hot water bottle. In summer you can also simply put it in the sun. Alternatively, you can also warm it with a cup of tea or coffee or another warm object.

Here too
The rule is that it should feel comfortable in your hand. Under no circumstances should it be too warm.
Never put the eye pillow in the oven or microwave. The danger
there is a risk that the temperature rises too high quickly. This allows them to
Ingredients become damaged and lose their effectiveness. This is how you reduce it Lifespan of your inlay unnecessary.
Yiippi Racing eye pillow cover made of 100% cotton Filled with millet seeds, millet chaff and lavender flowersNo chemical fragrances Handmade in Switzerland.
Size:  Pillow 22 x 11 cmWeight: 155 grams.

The fabric of the cushion was washed before processing. It is therefore not necessary to wash it directly before use. If you want to wash the pillow later, remove the filling. The pillowcase is machine washable at 30°. A filled pillow is not WASHABLE! Protect the product from heat and moisture. CLEANING The eye pillow with filling cannot be washed, just air it out well. Please avoid that the eye pillow gets wet; mold may form. Eye pillow with a cover, the cover is washable at 30 degrees. Further information can be found on the accessory pack.
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