Meet Dakar Enduro Tour

The Dakar Rally is expected to take place from January 5th to 17th, 2025. A prologue on January 4 will be followed by 14 rally days with 13 days of racing divided into 12 stages, one stage being a 48-hour marathon stage and a rest day.

Tour Offers

The Tour meeting the Dakar is offered as

  • Full Distance Enduro Tour from Jan 2 to 18 with 17 tour days and 13 days of riding

  • Start Enduro Tour from Jan 2 to 12 with 11 tour days and 7 days of riding

  • Finish Enduro Tour from Jan 10 to 18 with 9 tour days and 6 days of riding

Tour Bikes

You will ride 4-stroke enduro bikes from KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna, which are ideal for riding in the sandy and rocky desert. 2-stroke bikes are not designed for long-distance riding and do not perform well in sand.

Riding Level

We carry out the enduro tour in two groups with different lengths of the daily routes, levels of difficulty and structure of the tour

  • The MAD MEN group for the tough guys and gals who really want to know and

  • The RELAXED group for those who want to try but aren't sure they can keep up

The “Mad Men” group will maximize daily trips and some days will sleep in a simple desert camp where they stop. The service jeep will catch up with them to bring water, food and essential fuel for the next day. They want to feel and exceed their limits

The "Relaxed" group is well balanced between challenging riding and a trip to the overnight location when that's enough and adjusts the length and difficulty of the daily journeys day by day.


Our route will be along the race route, but we will take shortcuts and we will not drive on or cross the circuit. We will meet the service car at the official spectator points for refueling. Our daily route length is adjusted to the group's riding abilities and the daily conditions. We plan to cover 200 to 300 km (150-230 miles) each day. Our route will be a mix of meeting the Dakar Rally, riding through the desert and visiting interesting places. It will be demanding and the extent of the trip and the speed will be agreed upon by the group.


We'll stay in a mix of hotels, traditional guesthouses and desert camps, where we'll meet the enduro riders when their route allows and listen to what they have to say. We'll feel like the Dakar rally racers and stay in our own camps in the dunes. The final program depends on the stage plan of the Dakar Rally they will announce only close to the Rally start, that’s one challenge of the Dakar.

Our desert camps in the dunes are simple, but offer all the comforts possible in the desert, basic showers and toilets, we cook our own food and sit together in the evenings around the open fire under the starry desert sky.

Service car and luggage transport, Rescue 4x4 and Emergency

A team led by a local service manager accompanies the tour and is available if needed. The luggage is divided into a basic 40 liter dry bag with the things you need in the desert and a bag with the rest of your luggage and gear.

We have tools, spare parts and replacement bikes so that any technical problem can be resolved promptly.

A 4x4 will follow the groups for assistance and emergencies. The Saudi rescue system is very well organized with ambulances, desert rescue vehicles and helicopters. We have a satellite emergency rescue system and team communication via satellite phones.

Dakar is a real Adventure

Participating in the Dakar Adventure means you will feel and push your limits. The tour is designed to make you feel like the Dakar racers you will meet almost every day on this tour. This is what you are looking for and what you will get.

Final Tour Program

As soon as the Dakar Rally releases the 2025 program we will start to plan our Enduro tour route.

The rally will not announce the day's route and spectator points until late the previous day. Shortly before the start, the racers receive the road book for the next day. We have to anticipate and adjust our routes accordingly - that's part of the adventure, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, managing it is the adventure of this tour. What we will know are the locations of the rally overnight camps between stages, but not the route taken by the racers.

Our team will be in Saudi Arabia throughout December exploring the routes, desert camps and hotels for the Meet Dakar Tour.

Standard Tour Packages and Itineraries.

The tour package includes

  • Airport pickup on arrival on the scheduled arrival day

  • Overnight stays in hotels and desert camps with breakfast

  • Lunch snacks, dinner and drinks during the stays in desert camps

  • Motorbike with fuel

  • Professional Tour Manager

  • Service car with spare parts and spare bike

  • Rescue 4x4 following the riders

  • Luggage transport between the stages of the tour

  • Dakar Welcome Package

Not included

  • Damages on the rental bike, a full cover insurance is offered as extra

  • Single room accommodation in hotels (you receive single tents in desert camps)

  • Rebooking Cover (offered as extra)

  • Visa, personal insurances, travel cancellation cover

  • Flight tickets and airport transfer on departure

  • Drinks and dinner during the stays in hotels

  • Enduro Tour Itineraies

  • 17-Day Full Dakar Adventure Itinerary - January 2-18

  • 11-Day Dakar Start Adventure Itinerary - January 2-12

  • 9-Day Dakar Finish Adventure Itinerary - January 10-18

17-Day Enduro Tour

Start to finish, 13 days of riding
Jan 2-18, 2025

On request

11-Day Enduro Tour

Start to rest day, 7 days of riding
Jan 2-12, 2025

On request

9-Day Enduro Tour

Rest day to finish, 6 days of riding
Jan 10-18, 2025

On request

                     Please contact us for tour packages for the 2025 Edition of the Dakar.


Yiippi INCENTIVE Tour          

Meet the Start of the  Rally Dakar 2025,  5 Days, 4 Nights


The biggest Rally adventure live on a very exclusive tour.

We bring you on a well organized tour to best places of the race track, we will see the start, the rest day and the finish and meet with racers and support staff. This once in a lifetime adventure brings you to the amazing Saudi Arabia and you will get a deep ad unforgettable impression from this fascinating culture and landscape.

The Dakar Adventure is offered as Enduro Tour with bikes like those they race in the rally and as a tour in a Toyota Land Cruisiser. From 2025 also as tour on big Adventure Bikes and  a Buggy (Side by Side) tour.

The Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally 2025 starts on January 1st or 5th with the riders presentation followed by the prologue on January and the start of the rally with stage 1 on January ending after 12 stages and 14 days (one rest day and one marathon stage over 2 days).

The starting point is the amazing one thousand years old region of Al’Ula with its numerous natural wonders, the rock formations are a must to see visiting Saudi Arabia.

From Al’Ula the Dakar Rally moves into the Empty Quarter before it heads to the rest day in Riyad, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The second part of the rally goes then to Ha’il the home of its well known rally event right after the Dakar back to Al-Ula before it finishes in Yanbu at the Red Sea.

In the Empty Quarter, a huge region where definitely no one is living, the organizers have for the 2024 edition a surprise for the racers, a marathon stage over 48 hours. Also for the first time cars and bikes routes will be divided so car competitors cannot follow the tracks of the bikes and need to navigate on their own route.

Even if you’re familiar with other Dakar Rally’s, the 2025 edition promises to be different. www.dakar.com 

About Dakar.

Dakar 2025 - 49th Dakar edition and 6th edition in Saudi Arabia – Jan. 2025.

Significantly, 20245 Dakar Rally mandate: a new step for the future provides incentive for testing, running, and analysis of vehicles on sustainable fuel, within the context of Rally Stages.

The route will take the pilots from the west side of the Saudi Arabian peninsula crossing of the country and bring them to the end at the Red Sea Beaches after leaving the Empty Quarter in the south east.

Visit the official race webpage for all around the Dakar, history, future and news about the actual edition.

Visit the official Dakar page for updates.www.dakar.com

About Saudi Arabia

Between two seas - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to five historical and archaeological sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as the two most important pilgrimage sites in Islam. The country is bordered to the west by the Red Sea and the east by the Arabic Gulf and boasts three cities with a population of more than a million people: Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca.

Saudi Arabia has an amazing landcape offering all kind of desert riding from sand to rocks and stunning views all day over.   

Who we are?


Yiippi Lifestyle Group, works since 1998 in the International Motorsport Business as operator and as organizer for Adrenaline and Adventure trips around the planet. The founder of Yiippi Hans Peter Köhle get his experience in the late 80thand 90th as Co-driver in the Rally Championship National and International. For the Dakar Experience 2025 we work together with the professional company Xpower with there amazing knowledge in Saudia Arabia.   


About this trip

Magical Experience at the Dakar Rally as a spectator on a 4x4 tour. This tour accompanies the start of the rally from the technical inspection to the start on five tour days. 

On this 5-day trip, you'll meet the racers in the paddock, watch the prologue and the start of first stage over three days on a 4x4 adventure tour.

Definitely a unique adventure to feel the flair of the Dakar before and during the start and the breathtaking landscape of Saudi Arabia. 

What is include in our package 

- Accommodation 4 Nights in double- or single bed rooms, 4 Star Hotel

- Breakfast & Dinner include (No alcohol available)

- Airport shuttle (Arrivial & Depature) where the 2025 Rally Dakar starts

- Rental 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser include Fuel (4 Persons or 2 Persons)

- Demages inssurance on the rental 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser ( is mandatory include in our offer)

- Rescue and Medical Aid (We are over the Garmin In Reach System with the global GEOS Alliance connected to get first aid. In the desert we have a rescue car with an experienced local accompanying the tour)

- A professional English/German speaking tour manager and experienced tour guides are leading the tour

-  Offroad experience in the desert near the Rally Dakar

- Organizer Event Tickets for Paddock, Prologue and Start of the Rally

- Paddock Tour with Meet and Greet a Team

- Yiippi Experience Dakar 2025 Welcome package

- Yiippi friendly organizer 

1)   Not include in our package: 

- Air ticket to Saudia Arabia (we can arrange this)

- Upgrade on 5 Star Hotel

- Visa for Saudia Arabia (you need E-Visa)

- Drinks at the dinners

- Private Travel inssurance

- Trip cancellation inssurance

- Own expenses and tipsduring the tour    

The Program (in short) 

Day 1


Arrival and Airport pick up. Welcome by the tour manager, briefing on the tour.and collection of the rental 4x4. Dinner together and overnight in hotel in old town

Day 2


After Breakfast we spend the time with a Paddock tour to get the latest updates from the Drivers and Teams, in afternoon we do a small Offroad experience tour.

Day 3


After Breakfast we watch the Prologue Stage (on this Stage the Teams testing the last setup on the Trucks, Cars, Buggys and Motorcycle). We follow the Stage on different places in our 4x4 Toyotas with some desert experience, after return to Hotel common dinner, no evening program.

Day 4

Start of the Rally

After a very early Breakfast westart our Off-road tour to watch the 1. Stage of the Rally Dakar (start of the Rally 07.30pm), on this 17KM long Stage we watch the race on different spots, always guided by our experts, early afternoon we do our last Off-road experience, after return to the Hotel arround 4.00 – 5.00pm we return back the key from rental 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser.Al guests recieive there Rally Dakar Off-road diploma.

Day 5


After Breakfast our Shuttle will bring the guests to the Airport. Safe journey home. Departure time of the shuttle will be announce in the Hotel.

The Costs

We offer the following prices for our Meet the Start of the Dakar Rally dakar 2ß25.    In general 4 people share one 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisiser and they make the tour together, but it is also possible to share only with two the 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisiser.  

A)   4 Persons in one 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser       On request

B)   2 Persons in one 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser       On request 

Available options 

Professional Driver                                                                                            

Let an experienced driver take on the challenge of tacking on the offroad sections while you take the co-driver seat. 

Extra night before the tour shared room                                                      

Includes an additional night before the tour in a shared room without dinner. 

Extra night after the tour shared room                                                          

Includes an additional night after the tour in a shared room without dinner. 

Single room upgrade                                                                              

Includes a single room on nights in hotels, no single rooms available in the desert camps. 

Extra night before the tour single room                                                        

Includes an additional night before the tour in a single room without dinner. 

Extra night after the tour single room                                                           

Includes an additional night aftervthe tour in a single room without dinner 


From 20 Persons up to 200 Personsand more:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, in any kind of questions about our Programm. The exactly place of the start from Dakar will be announce in April 2024.  

Booking & Contact

To confirm your booking we need after your written confirmation a deposit payment, 30% from the amount. The final payment has to be done 60 days bevor the Trip starts.

Yiippi Rally Dakar Incentives Tour

Phone:         +41-78 823 2228

E-Mail:           adrenalin@yiippi.com

Web.:             https://www.yiippi.com

Instagram     yiippi_lifestyle_power

Looking forward to get your positive feeback, we will answer and support you in all your questions to make your Dakar experience come true. SEE